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Mevcut urun: Universal freze CUGIR type FU 36 - SOLD

Universal freze CUGIR type FU 36 - SOLD
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Fabricant: CUGIR / Romania

Type: FU 36
Table's surface:        360 x 1600 mm
Longitudinal travel of the table: 1100 mm
Cross travel of the table:            300 mm
Vertical travel of the table:         420 mm
Main spindle taper:                    ISO 50
Main spindle's speed range: 32 - 1600 RPM
Spindle speeds steps : 18
Longitudinal and cross feeds: 19 - 950 mm/min.
Vertical feeds: 1/3 of longitudinal feeds
Rapid feeds - longitudinal and cross: 2300 mm/min.
Vertical rapid feeds: 965 mm/min.
Horizontal tilting angle of the table: +/- 45 degrees
Main motor power: 7,5 kW
Net weight of the machine: 3400 kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 1940 x 2375 x 1792 mm
Location: warehouse of PRESSTRADE ROMANIA